About Me

John Hoyes


John Hoyes is the managing director of HGSG Ltd. He has a passion for scientific instruments and has over 25 years’ experience in the mass spectrometry industry. John first joined VG Analytical in 1990 as a development physicist in the Manchester facility. After working on improving their magnetic sector instruments for the first two years he began work on time-of-flight (TOF) instrumentation. He was project leader for VG Analytical’s first TOF instrument, the TofSpec which employed a MALDI ion source. In 1995 he led the development of the worlds first commercial Q-TOF instrument, which was launched in late 1996 for Micromass. In year 2000 he invented the high resolution “W” Optics TOF geometry which was incorporated into the next generation Q-TOF instruments. In 2003 John left VG to set up a new company, MS Horizons, which specialised in upgrading the performance of existing Q-TOF instruments in the field. During this time John developed an interest in the hybridisation of ion mobility and TOF instruments, filing patents on this subject. He returned to the Micromass as Research Director in 2006 and became Technical Director in 2010. During his tenure in these years the company launched amongst others the SYNAPT G2, Vion instruments and StepWave ion source. In year 2013 he was made a Waters Scientific Fellow, and received “Science and Technology Award” at HUPO (The Human Proteome Organization) in 2016. In April 2018 John left the company to form HGSG Ltd.

Core skills and qualifications

John graduated from King’s College London in 1985 with a B.Sc (Eng) in Electronic and Electrical Engineering. After that he graduated with an M.Sc in “Lasers and their applications” from The University of Essex in 1986. John completed in his Ph.D in laser physics from The University of Manchester in 1989, and then spent a year as a Postdoctorial Research Associate in UMIST in The Department of Instrumentation and Analytical Science (DIAS) before joining VG Analytical in early 1990. He is a charted physicist C.Phys and Member of The Institute of physics.


Ion optical design for mass spectrometers; TOF analysers, RF ion guides, quadrupoles, ion sources, ion mobility separators and ion detectors. Experience in using SIMION ion simulation package and other modelling packages. Highly experienced in intellectual property matters and building strong patent portfolios to protect novel ideas and products.

Publications & Patents